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Maya corn head dealers

2014 maya 8 row 30†chopping, folding corn head Comes with stalk stompers, 2 down corn row units, and headsight. Choppers can be shut off with turn of a lever. Head works great and is in g Choppers can be shut off with turn of a lever.

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JUST IN! 12 row 30" Maya chopping, folding, corn head set up for a John Deere. Multiple adapters available. Industry leading 3 year NO acre limit warranty. Call Colin today for details. Down corn attachment and auto steer available.

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Looking for a dealer to help you choose the best CLAAS product for your operation? Look no further. Use the search function here to locate a dealer in your area.

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Bruch harvested an estimated total 300 acres of corn with an eight-row Maya head on Nov. 8 and 9. Maya heads also come in 12-rows. Maya heads also come in 12-rows. Both heads will fold, a factor Bruch thinks will appeal to Iowa farmers who would not have to put a 12-row on a trailer for transportation.

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May Wes is the exclusive distributor of GVL poly corn snouts. Replace your worn corn head snouts with GVL poly snouts and reap the benefits this harvest.. In this conversation.

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A Mayan corn god's head has been unearthed by archaeologists in Mexico who found it at the bottom of a pond that was regarded by the ancients as symbolizing the entrance to the underworld. Load.

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